GPS PuzzleBox Ideas

The number of ideas for the GPS PuzzleBox are endless and only limited by your imagination.  The following should get you started:

As a Marriage Proposal:

  • Place your engagement ring in the GPS PuzzleBox and give to your bride to be.  Program the GPS PuzzleBox to open only at a meaningful location of your chose.  Perhaps the first place you met or the first place you went on a date.  When she gets to the location you programmed, the GPS PuzzleBox will open, at which time you propose. 
  • Place a cell phone in the GPS PuzzleBox and send your bride to be to a location of your choice.  When she arrives, call the phone and lead her to you.

As a Present:

  • Say you are giving you child their first car.  Make the day an adventure by placing the car keys in the GPS PuzzleBox and park the car where the GPS PuzzleBox is set to open.  Give the GPS PuzzleBox to the lucky recipient and when they solve the puzzle, a new car will be waiting for them.  It will be a story they will tell their kids.
  • Place a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant inside the GPS PuzzleBox and program open at that restaurant.  As a bonus to solving the puzzle, they get to eat at their favorite restaurant as well.
  • Perhaps your child is going off to summer camp for the first time alone.  Hand them the GPS PuzzleBox and provide them with a special surprise they can only get when they arrive.

As an Adventure:

  • Program the GPS PuzzleBox to open at the top of a tall mountain for a backpacking or hiking trip.  Get a special surprise once that location is reached.
  • Give one to your child programmed for their favorite location.  Have them give you turn by turn directions while you drive and see if they can solve the puzzle on their own.

As a twist on Geocaching:

  • Geocaching has been around for years.  Now there is a new twist with the reverse geocache puzzle.  Share the GPS PuzzleBox with your friends and family for modern twist on the geocache.
  • The GPS PuzzleBox is great for everyday fun.  Taking the family out for dinner.  Program in the restraunt and have them guess the directions. 

These are only a few ideas, only limited by your imagination...

We love to hear our users stories and ideas.  Please share your GPS PuzzleBox Story or share your ideas below.