How to Program your GPS PuzzleBox

Congratulations on your purchase or being the recipient of a GPS PuzzleBox.  Follow the directions below to setup a new puzzle:

Step 1: First decide on the target location.  Can't decide, visit the Ideas Section.

Step 2: Start your Internet browser and go to Google Maps.  You should see an image similar to below.  You can either use “Map” view or the “Satellite” view to setup.  “Earth” view cannot be used.  Below the satellite view is shown.

Step 3: Now find your target location and zoom in as much as possible.  If you end on a street view, you have zoomed in too far, zoom out so you can clearly see your target location.  

Step 4: Now with your cursor on the target location “right click” with your mouse (for Mac: Ctrl Click) and select “What’s Here”.  For this example we have selected the 50 yard line of the Woodland High School football field.  


Step 5: Now on the map you will see a green arrow pointing at your target location.  In the upper left of the screen are the (latitude, longitude) coordinates of the target location.  First number is latitude, second number is longitude.   Print out or write down these coordinates, these will be input into the GPS PuzzleBox.  
Note: In North America, latitude will be (+) positive and longitude will be (-) negative.  Other locations will vary.


Note:  The coordinates will vary from 6 or less digits after the decimal place.  The GPS PuzzleBox only requires 5 digits after the decimal place.  For a target with 6 digits, the very last digit is ignored.  For our example we use a Latitude of +38.68592 and a Longitude of -121.78887, the last digit is ignored.

Step 6: Double check your GPS coordinates.  Once you input these coordinates and lock the GPS PuzzleBox, the box will only open at this location.  Remember if in North America, latitude will be (+) positive and longitude will be (-) negative.

Step 7: Start up your GPS PuzzleBox by pressing the power button located on the front.  You should see a welcome screen for setup mode.  If you happen in to be in the Puzzle mode, wait for the GPS PuzzleBox to self power off.  Once it has powered off, hold down the “Reset” button and press the power button.  This will place the GPS PuzzleBox in Setup mode.

Step 8:  Follow the on screen instructions.  The first number to enter is the latitude you recorded before.  Use the up and down arrow keys to change the currently selected number and use the left and right buttons to change the selected digit.  Once the correct value has been entered, press the right button until the next screen appears.

Step 9:  Input the longitude of the target location you previously recorded.  Once the correct value has been entered, press the right button until the next screen appears.  Confirm the (+) and (-) values are correct.

Step 10:  Now is your chance to review your latitude and longitude.  Double check it is correct.

Step 11:  The GPS PuzzleBox will now ask if you are ready to begin.  If you are press up button for yes.  If you would like to start at a later time press down for no and the GPS PuzzleBox will power down until you are ready.  Before beginning it is always recommended to replace the batteries before beginning,  if a previous adventure has been performed.

Step 12:  If you are ready to begin press the up button when asked and close the GPS PuzzleBox.  The GPS PuzzleBox will count down from ten and then lock.  At this time the GPS PuzzleBox is in Puzzle mode and is locked until the target destination has been reached.

Note:  It is possible to perform a test run without locking the box.  This is recommended to confirm the correct target has been programmed.  Instead of closing the lid of the GPS PuzzleBox when beginning, keep it open.  The box will go into Puzzle mode, and can be tested without locking the GPS PuzzleBox.  To enter setup mode again, follow Step 6.

Step 13: There is one “test push” to confirm everything is working correctly:  Go outside, and press the power button.  The GPS PuzzleBox will display, “Try 0 of 50” and after pinpointing it’s location, the distance to the target.  Do not press the power button more than once, or the number of ties will increment and there will be one less available.

Congratulations! Your GPS PuzzleBox is setup and ready to be given to the special recipient.