What is a GPS PuzzleBox?

The GPS PuzzleBox™ is an experience, it is an adventure.  It is a reverse geocache puzzle.
In a world where every mountain has been climbed and every river navigated, the GPS PuzzleBox™ adds a little adventure back into life.

Imagine handing someone a nondescript box, a simple screen and single push button on the top.  The box is locked with no apparent way to open it.  Will they push the button?  Maybe so, maybe not.  Eventually, their curiosity will get the better of them.  Once activated the box displays a cryptic message, a distance, and nothing more.  Will they go to it? Eventually they will.  How they find the location is up to them, some by trial and error, some by more cleaver methods.

Once the puzzle has been solved, and the location is reached, without any fan fair the simple sound of gears turning is heard, and the box is unlocked, revealing the treasures inside... What lies inside is up to you.

This is the GPS PuzzleBox™.  It is an experience, it is an adventure, decided upon and created by you.

The GPS PuzzleBox™ is the exact opposite of a geocache.  It can be considered a reverse geocache.  In a geocache the adventurer searches for a treasure chest.  With the GPS PuzzleBox™ the adventurer receives a treasure chest, which in order to open, must bring to specific location on earth.  At that specific location, the GPS PuzzleBox™ unlocks and the prize is revealed.

But there is a twist, the adventurer does not know the this location.  The only clue provided is the exact distance to the location.  Can they find the location before the limited number of tries runs out?

If the GPS PuzzleBox™ travels in the wrong direction, the distance increases, if it travels in the right direction the distance decreases.  There are a limited number of tries to open the box, use them all and the box is lock forever, or so it seems.  Once the box is at the correct location, that single location on planet Earth, as if by magic, the GPS PuzzleBox™ knows this and unlocks to reveal the treasures lying within.

The GPS PuzzleBox™ has been designed from the ground up using state of the art data processing microchips and GPS location sensors.  All to provide the best experience possible.

The GPS PuzzleBox™ is programmable by the user to open at any location on earth.  Whether it is on the peak of a mountain or at your local mall.  Better yet, it is reusable over and over again.  Once one puzzle has been solved, another is only a set of GPS coordinates away.

The GPS PuzzleBox™ is the greatest gift of 2011 and has never before been available for purchase.  Order today and be the first person you know to own the GPS PuzzleBox.

There are hundreds of possible uses and gift giving ideas.  Visit the Ideas Section for more information.