Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Google maps is showing 6 decimal points of accuracy for latitude and longitude coordinates and yet the GPS PuzzleBox only accepts 5 decimal points of accuracy  Whats the deal with that?
    1. Answer:  The GPS PuzzleBox uses 5 decimal places of accuracy for the latitude and longitude.  5 decimal places has an accuracy of 3.64 feet.  This is more than enough to pinpoint your target location on earth.  Google maps chooses to display to the 6th decimal place, which is beyond the needed accuracy.  Just ignore this last decimal.  For example, a latitude of 35.123456 would be input as 35.12345.
  2. Question: Help! My GPS PuzzleBox is locked and I have no idea what the input location is.  What do I do?
    1. Answer: Well, you have two options, one solve it.  If the location is within a reasonable distance, go on an adventure and solve the puzzle.
    2. Your second option is not as much fun, but the GPS PuzzleBox has a back door built in.  Once all tries have been exhausted, after an additional 15 tries the box automatically opens.  So, start your pressing and after you run out of tries, press 15 more times.  So start pressing that button, it will eventually open.
  3. Question: Help! I ran out of tries and my GPS PuzzleBox is locked.  Is it locked forever?
    1. Answer: No, fortunately there is a back door built in.  Once all tries have been exhausted, after an additional XX tries the box automatically opens. So keep pressing that button, it will eventually open.
  4. Question: How many batteries does it take?
    1. Answer: The GPS PuzzleBox requires 2 AA batteries.  Warning: Do not use rechargeable batteries, as most have a fairly high discharge rate and may die before the puzzle is solved.  Alkaline batteries are recommended for their high capacity and low self discharge rate.
  5. Question:  How long will the batteries last in my GPS PuzzleBox?
    1. Answer: When the GPS PuzzleBox is not operating and in shutdown mode, the circuity draws 5.6 micro-Amps.  With 2 average AA batteries, should last approximately 50 years.  Since this is longer than batteries can survive on their own, the GPS PuzzleBox will stay powered as long as the batteries can physically last.  While operating the GPS PuzzleBox draws 160 milliAmps of current, and can last approximately 280 tries.  Even though the GPS PuzzleBox can last 280 tries, it is recommended to replace the batteries before the start of any important adventure, as dead batteries locked in a box is never a good thing.
  6. Question:  I think the GPS PuzzleBox would be a great addition to my store.  Can I purchase wholesale?
    1. Answer:  Yes, the GPS PuzzleBox is available wholesale, please use our Contact Form for more details.
  7. Question:  I have my own box I would like to have a GPS PuzzleBox installed in, can you do this for me?
    1. Answer: Unfortunately, we do not offer an installation service for the GPS PuzzleBox,  However, we do offer a complete set for you to do it yourself.  This contains all the components required for installation and a simple setup guide.
  8. Question:  I have having trouble setting up the GPS PuzzleBox to start an adventure, can you please help?
    1. Answer: Sure we can.  Take a look through our step by step programming guide and setup video.  Either of these should hopefully answer all your questions. However if you are still having troubles, please Contact Us and explain this issue.  If needed, we are prepared to talk you through the setup, step by step by telephone.